Another open source robotic arm project, might be interesting

Developing various robotic actuator solutions seems essential for efficiently automating on a large scale - no single configuration that I can think of will solve all needs, so having options that vary in price/accuracy/payload/reach/speed would seem desirable. Personally, I think SCARA configurations seem superior for general purpose robotics since they only require 1 linear rail and allow easy variation of gear reductions, meaning that they are cheaper, more easily fabricated from common materials, can have smaller motors, and in most cases should still achieve good repeatability. The downsides are usually a workspace and control software that’s a bit more finicky, but software is easily scaled to hundreds of robots if it’s developed properly.

Hey that looks great! I absolutely believe we need many different approaches to cost, capabilities, and manufacturing difficult.

Sadly they say their Kickstarter is live but none of the links seem to take you to one. :frowning:

Have more info? I love the demo video!

Found it!