Communism and Star Trek vs The Matrix

This short clip from Yanis Varoufakis touches on much of what I wrote in and

In particular, Yanis touches on the ideal form of communism shown in Star Trek, and their machine that produces everything they need. He also discusses how high levels of automation are coming, but that many people will be left behind because the benefits of automation go to those who own the machines. This is the kind of thing the “theory” tag on this site is for. Check it out and drop your comments here!

AGI is a requirement for the high levels of automation that Yanis is talking about. It is not possible to know when AGI will happen. It could be 10 years. It could be 100+. Once there is AGI it is impossible to predict what the world will look like.

In the mean time the robots will not take all the jobs. The robots will be controlled by humans from their homes. Imagine a much more diverse job simulator with built in training where you can work when, where, and how much you want directly from your home. Given the history of technology there is no reason to believe that the robots or the interfaces to control the robots will be expensive. I’m working on this now via competing in .