Decentralized autonomous organizations

Hello - long time no see.

I stumbled upon an article recently about “Decentralized, autonomous organizations” (google for wiki article), and I thought they sounded extremely interesting and relevant to the types of projects being discussed on this forum. One attempt at building a framework for them can be found here

Like many others, I’ve been involved with cryptocurrency lately, and that is another very interesting thing that seems to interface perfectly with both projects like “the machine” but also with the concept of DAO’s.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and perhaps we can try to set up some structure in that direction which could probably help incentivize and just structure concrete planning and development efforts.

Happy new years as well!

Hello again and welcome back!

This sounded interesting as I’ve liked what I’ve heard about Ethereum and DAOs before, so I watched this video on it:

And I am slowly listening to this one now:

I am interested in efficient ways to fund work in this area, though there are still some unanswered legal questions about DAOs (second video). However it sounds promising and if we have a clear plan I may be interested in trying it.

What were you envisioning?

I think it sounds perfect for this kind of project, but I don’t know if it would take off. On the other hand, if some kind of incentivizing was made, for example monetary funding to pay development efforts, it would probably catalyze the process a lot.

I think it sounds like a very interesting way to organize many different kinds of organizations, but it’s too early to say much about how well it would work and that kind of thing I think. It just immediately made me think of “The machine” for some reason, and I wanted to make sure that others had the chance to be introduced to the idea if they hadn’t been already