Lets share resources about "how can we save the world"


So I was thinking that maybe some of you out there sit on some good resources that or similar (in some way) to the topic of reboot.love and the Machine, and perhaps we could share them with each other; podcasts, books, documentaries/movies, blogs, whatever other kinds of resources there are about what I’d call “how can we save the world”, which is basically what I hear when I read Taylors essays about the Machine.

I will start with a podcast. It’s in a completely different groove than reboot.love and the Machine. It’s the STEAL THIS SHOW podcast. It’s very much about cryptocurrency, decentralizing the internet, and lots more in that vain, and it’s great.

I’m looking forward to see what ya’ll have to share!


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Thanks Chris!

I’ve got some YouTube playlists for stuff that inspires or informs me. Here they are:

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Great videos! I especially find the Eartships one interesting, probably because one of my obsessions, which I plan to realize in a matter of years, is self-sustainable housing, and especially the concept of dome homes. It’s very interesting stuff! Also, the Chomsky one is a long time favorite of mine.

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