Looking to build a rover v2!


Hi, I’m interested in printing and building a rover v2! Seems like it would be a fun project. I have some background in EE/CS so that should help with the firmware/motor control parts of the project, but I am a total noob when it comes to 3d printing/mechanical design. How do I get started? What is the recommended CAD software I should use? Is there a 3D printing service that you recommend or should I shell out the 300 or so and print it myself? Thanks so much!


Hey that’s great!

Rover V2 is an advanced print. It’s probably cheaper to buy your own printer and print the files than order them from someone else. But it also requires a printer with a large print size (>350mm in one axis).

I designed Skittles to be printed on a normal sized printer, so that may be a better place to start. Skittles uses the same motor controllers and software as Rover, but is simpler in most aspects. I highly recommend starting there first.

For CAD I use OnShape. I have the links to Skittles’ design in some of the Skittles YouTube videos. I sorely need to make some “how to” posts that clarify most aspects of how this works, I’m just time limited. Still, I feel the need for that and hope I can do those posts before too much other work on Rover.

For printers, consider the CR-10 printer. That’s big enough to do Skittles and is highly recommended. For Rover, the 400mm variant of the CR-10 should work, but also the Tronxy 400mm variant looks promising.

I do upgrade my printers with a $170 control board. That’s optional but it makes them quiet. Important when printing something for 70 hours in my bedroom! I also recommend upgrading the hot end to something like a genuine e3d volcano, but that should be optional too.

I don’t have the tutorials yet, so feel free to ask more questions and we can build the knowledge together!