New Lecture Series Posted - Robotics class in Mauritius


I’ve finally finished editing the professionally recorded lectures I gave back in March when I taught a one week long robotics class. Four of the lectures are now posted and available for free on Youtube.

Why I Build Robots

A deeper look in to the motivations for my work in 3D printed robotics. Why I believe open source robotics education is a key part of social change in the coming decades.

Starting A Business in Silicon Valley

The story of my six year journey to build a company, including a successful Kickstarter launch and my struggle to deliver what I promised.

What is a Robot?

An introduction to basic robotics concepts. A high level overview with the occasional technical tangent.

A Brief Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

A quick look at the basic considerations for mechanical engineering, with a focus on how it affects the concerns of a robotics engineer.

You can see what the students thought of the course here:

Finally, see the video update I posted just before the class for more background:

Please take a look at these lectures, and leave any thoughts you have either here or in the YouTube comments.