Rover and Skittles CAD design files here!

Want to make these robots for yourself? Start by 3D printing the gearboxes and work from there!

Here’s the in progress design files for Rover. Rover is CC0 licensed, which means you can do anything you want with the files with no restrictions.

Here’s the in progress design files for Skittles. Skittles is CC0 licensed, which means you can do anything you want with the files with no restrictions.

Bonus: here’s me and the robots at Maker Faire 2018!

Do you have anything about the remote control you are using on your projects? It looks good, and I’d be interested to see what parts you’ve used and the design.

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Thanks! The remote I use is from an electronics company I started on Kickstarter in 2013 called Flutter Wireless. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to deliver the hardware in a timely manner, and I’ve stopped taking new orders. I’m still slowly delivering hardware to backers five years on, but I can’t quite recommend the hardware to new users since it’s hard to get your hands on!

I’ll support other controllers. I had a Bluetooth based iPhone remote for a while but it wasn’t very good. I might add support for the PS4 Bluetooth controller.

It’s also possible I’ll sell Flutter hardware and the remote control again in the future, but so far some people have been waiting 5 years for that… :grimacing:

For more info on Flutter see

Thanks! I can probably get some inspiration from the schematic as well as pictures on the site. I’m a hobbyist robotics engineer and have my own remote control I use, but it just doesn’t look as great as the one I saw in your videos, hence my request :slight_smile:

Ah right on! I should post my source files. It’s all open source but I don’t believe I’ve posted it. You may check the Flutter wireless github repo though just in case I had posted it.

Well, there are lots of stuff on the github repos. Do you think something is missing, or is that all there is?

I just checked the hardware repo:

The remote is not there, so I will have to add it. No ETA but I can email you the files if you want them sooner. I have them, but before I publish them I would want to look at them, make sure they have the correct license, etc. Files are Eagle format and I’d give them CC0 license.

Alright! Feel free to email them to me at