Rover V2 is now fully functional!

After several months of development, Rover V2 is finally operational!

I’ve made a video with some clips of Rover driving up and down stairs, an overview of the electrical systems on the machine, and my reflections on why I am working on this project. Check out the video below.

Now that Rover V2 runs, I need to see how reliable it is. The first Rover V2 gearbox designs broke quickly, so I redesigned them. The redesigned gearboxes are what was used in this video, and they work really well! Time will tell how long they last, and I expect they’ll need a few more changes before they last a very long time.

Once all that works, I’ll start trying to get my hands on more compute (TX2 or Xavier if those come out soon) and mounting cameras on the vehicle. I may spend some time working on the simulator to buy me some time until Xavier comes out!

HI Taylor, enjoying following your project and resonate with your philosophy that technology should free us and provide the necessities of life, it will be interesting to see what you and others do with it.

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Thanks Leedham! I’m excited to see what ideas this community can share. :blush: